CHRISTIAN CO…State Representative Avery Bourne (R-Morrisonville) says she is proud to head up the ever-growing list of Illinois legislative Republican leaders endorsing Justice David Overstreet (R-Mt. Vernon) for 5th district Illinois Supreme Court Justice. Overstreet is running to replace retiring Justice Lloyd Karmeier.
Bourne says she’s endorsing Overstreet because he represents the conservative choice for Supreme Court, and offers citizens concerned about the protection of their Constitutional Rights the best choice in the November election for Illinois’ 5th District Supreme Court.

“David Overstreet has spent the last 13 years on the bench, upholding the rule of law and building a reputation of fairness, impartiality, honesty, and integrity,” Bourne said. “I would not trust anyone else to uphold all of our precious Constitutional Rights. Justice Overstreet’s commitment to upholding the law gives Illinoisans the best chance at electing a conservative, law-and-order minded Justice to the Supreme Court. Justice Overstreet will stand up for the values that we share and he has earned my wholehearted endorsement.”

Justice Overstreet thanked Representative Bourne for her leadership and support.

“The people of central Illinois are well-served by State Rep. Avery Bourne,” Overstreet said. “She is an energetic, conservative leader in the Republican party and her star will continue to rise. Rep. Bourne has proven herself to be a strong supporter of reforms that will stamp out corruption in the State of Illinois at a time when ethics reforms are more important than ever. I am proud to have Rep. Avery Bourne’s support in the race for Supreme Court Justice, and I want to thank her and the people of Christian, Montgomery, and Madison County for their past support. My pledge is to serve as a fair, impartial and honest Supreme Court Justice, and to rule to protect all Constitutional Rights.”

Residents of Rep. Bourne’s 95th District will find both Bourne and Overstreet’s names on the ballot in Montgomery, Christian, and Madison Counties. For more information, please visit or email or call 618-315-8633.