GREENVILLE…The winningest basketball coach in the history of Greenville University has announced he is endorsing Team David Overstreet in the 2020 Primary election for Illinois 5th District Supreme Court Justice. Overstreet is seeking the Republican nomination to run for the seat being vacated by retiring Justice Lloyd Karmeier.

Coach Barber says his decision to endorse Overstreet is based on their long history as friends, and his belief that Overstreet’s record and temperament make him the best candidate to run and win in the November 2020 General Election.

“Southern Illinois has the opportunity to elect a disciplined, decent, honest, and fair Conservative to carry on Justice Karmeier’s legacy and stand up for our Rights guaranteed by the Constitution,” Barber said. “As a coach, I have to have my best players on the floor if I am going to have a chance to win. David Overstreet is the candidate for Supreme Court that gives the citizens of the 37 southernmost counties the best chance to win victory in what will be a tough General Election race in November 2020. He has my full endorsement and support.”

Overstreet thanked Coach Barber for his friendship and endorsement and congratulated Barber on his many years of service leading young student-athletes.

“To have Coach Barber’s endorsement in the race for Supreme Court is an honor, and I am humbled by his friendship and support,” Overstreet said. “Coach George Barber is best known for winning basketball games at Greenville University, but his greatest legacy is that of an influential force for good in the lives of young student-athletes living and playing in Southern Illinois. Thank you, Coach Barber! I am proud to have you on my team!”

Early voting begins this Thursday, February 6. Mail-in ballots can be requested by contacting your local election authority, in most cases the County Clerk. Illinois’ Republican Primary Election Day is March 17.