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MOUNT VERNON - The Board of Illinois Citizens for Life, PAC has voted to endorse Appellate Court Justice David Overstreet for Supreme Court Justice of the 5th Supreme Court District.

With Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier choosing not to run again, the 5th District seat is now open for candidates to run for that supreme court office.

One candidate in the Republican Primary is Justice David Overstreet who has been given the best rating a judicial candidate can receive of “Highly Recommended” by the Judicial Evaluation Committee of the Illinois State Bar Association.  

While all judges must decide cases on the facts before them and the law, without bias, it has long been established that they can state their core beliefs. Justice Overstreet is unafraid to say he is PRO-LIFE!  This is more than just a statement.  He and his wife have supported the Hope Women’s Center in Mt. Vernon in a variety of ways including supporting their dinners over the years.

In his short biography, it says that David Overstreet is an “active member of his church and in the community at large, and he prides himself on his faith, his family, his integrity, and his love and compassion for the people he serves.”

The Illinois Supreme Court currently has a majority of the seven justices having a pro-life view of Life, including Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier. It is important that Karmeier be replaced with a justice who also shares our values on Life.

You have such a candidate in Justice David Overstreet who is highly qualified to serve as a supreme court justice and who also shares your values.   This is someone for whom you can confidently cast your vote for in the Republican Primary on Tuesday, March 17th, or if you choose to vote early. Please vote for David Overstreet for Supreme Court in the 5th District.

Submitted to Overstreet 2020 for distribution by Ralph Rivera, Chairman - Illinois Citizens for Life, PAC.