Judicial Activities

Justice Overstreet is actively involved in several judicial activities. Here are a few items that he is working on as 5th District Appellate Justice. 

1. Illinois Judicial Conference - The Strategic Planning body reconfigured by Chief Justice Karmeier made up of 29 people (15 judges, 14 non-judges) has just implemented the first strategic agenda for the courts in Illinois. Justice Overstreet serves as the vice-chair of the public relations task force of the Illinois judicial Conference.

2. Illinois Judicial College - Comprised of 6 committees of both judges and non-judges, Justice Overstreet serves on the Committee of Judicial Education and as co-chair of the Family Law Track for the 2020 Judicial Education Conference.

3. Illinois Judges Association - Justice Overstreet serves as Secretary for the Illinois Judges Association and continues to move up through the ranks. The Illinois Judges Association is very active in promoting the education of the public and students concerning the role of the law and the judiciary in Illinois.

4. Illinois Supreme Court Mentoring Committee

5. Illinois Appellate Court Conference Committee. Appointed by Justice Karmeier, Justice Overstreet is the 5th district's representative in planning the 2020 Appellate Court Conference.