OKAWVILLE…"This is the single most important race in the State of Illinois." Those are the words of retired 58th district State Senator and Illinois Hall of Fame High School Basketball Coach State Senator Dave Luechtefeld (R-Okawville). 

Just ahead of early voting and a looming Tuesday, Nov. 3, Election Day, Luechtefeld is asking Southern Illinoisans to follow his lead and support Justice David Overstreet for Illinois Supreme Court Justice. Luechtefeld serves as an honorary co-chair of Overstreet’s campaign and says electing Overstreet to replace retiring Justice Lloyd Karmeier is his number one priority during the 2020 election cycle.

“Justice Overstreet gives Republicans the best chance in 2020 to hold on to one of the few positions of power that we actually have in Illinois. We need to fight the shift to the left that's happening in our state and elect a Justice that stands for law and order. That is David Overstreet to the letter," Luechtefeld said. "Justice Overstreet will apply his conservative principles and defend all of our Constitutional rights."

Watch Senator Luechtefeld's endorsement video at the link below:

Senator Luechtefeld Endorses Justice David Overstreet

Justice Overstreet thanked Senator Luechtefeld for his endorsement and for serving the office of 58th district and the people of Southern Illinois with honor and integrity.

“I am grateful and honored to earn Senator David Luechtefeld’s endorsement in the race for 5th District Supreme Court Justice,” Overstreet said. “Senator, or ‘Coach’ Luechtefeld built an impeccable record of service to Southern Illinois as State Senator. He was always regarded as an honest broker in Springfield and a Senator that worked well with others to achieve results while staying true to his conservative principles. Senator Luechtefeld was an effective and outstanding public servant, and his work even continues now as a member of the Illinois Civil Commission. I am blessed and proud to have 'Coach' as a friend and supporter.”

Senator Luechtefeld served in the Illinois State Senate from 1995 until his retirement in 2017.  

Luechtefeld was inducted into the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 1995. As 58th district State Senator, Luechtefeld represented all or parts of St. Clair, Monroe, Washington, Randolph, Jackson and Union counties in southern Illinois, all encompassed in Illinois 5th Supreme Court district.

“I was honored to serve the people of Southern Illinois as State Senator, and I fought hard to help retain Justice Karmeier when he faced unprecedented opposition,” Luechtefeld said. “There is no finer choice in the race to carry on the conservative judicial tradition established by Justice Lloyd Karmeier than Justice David Overstreet.”